Stretching & Deep Relaxation Therapy


Stretching the body’s muscles, ligaments, tendons and manipulating of joints has so many benefits when it is done properly; slowly, deeply, with presence of attention & with what we call ‘gentle positivity’.

Correct holding times & consideration for all of the various moves & counter-moves of the physical body’s articulation capacities are essential for an effective & safe Stretching Therapy session.

Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation when preceded by Stretching feels so beautiful that we usually choose to do it again and again until it becomes part of our everyday lifestyle.

We take you through the process and you let go of all the stresses of the world which have been soaked up in the battle & action of life. Just so… good!


What is the current fee schedule for Stretching & Deep Relaxation Therapy?

Fees for teaching at your venue: Please contact us for a quotation. The fee is always matched to the client, their location, abilities and needs.