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Spiritual Philosophy Consultation

What is Spirit?

Spirit is the first cause of all we see, and feel, and do. Spirit is Will & Consciousness, two aspects of the ultimate Source of being.

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the constructing of thought systems aimed to give some ‘formal’ explanation of total reality to the intellect.

What is Spiritual Philosophy?

Spiritual Philosophy is the identification or construction of a form upon which the Spirit may function in & through the Individual.

Why have a Spiritual Philosophy?

To build or adopt a Spiritual Philosophy is to enable a person to have a conscious choice about their Spiritual direction or purpose. We say ‘conscious’ because Choice implies ‘known’ options. From a variety of options, one direction or purpose is chosen, selected.

East | West | Universal

It is useful to know in discovering a Spiritual Philosophy that some individuals have a Western psyche and are best suited to Western structure in the mind – based on careful logic and initiative will. Others are Eastern and respond better to the Eastern methods. East & West are opposing disciplines. Each is unique, each has its technique & associated disciplines, and each individual initially is usually more proficient with one or another. Ultimately of course we benefit from being able to understand both. A Universal approach begins with an understanding of both.

Spiritual Philosophy

To begin developing & applying a Spiritual Philosophy, as an Individual, essentially involves 4 aspects:

  1. Selection of an Individual Spiritual Philosophy or direction
  2. Study of Spiritual traditions & disciplines
  3. Meditation on Spiritual topics
  4. Contemplation – silent


The consultation aims to assess your interest & ability with both Eastern & Western approaches to Spiritual Philosophy, and then to select practices with which you most easily identify. Eventually we are obliged to understand both East & West and then move to the Universal, but we begin where your talent is. The ultimate purpose of Spiritual Philosophy is to discover the ‘structure’ of meaning in our life and to balance in the most efficient way.