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Spiritual Counselling & Psychotherapy

The Rationale

What is offered here is an Eastern approach to Spiritual Counselling and Psychotherapy; a practical application of counselling & therapy in the light of “the structure of the psyche” found in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The Systems of psychology in Eastern traditions imply an opening for consciousness within and beyond an existential being to a transcendental void, or pure subject, formless and yet fundamental to the egoic limitations of that being.

In practice, this understanding applies to both Counselling and to Therapy. In the tradition of Hinduism the aim and direction is to a fundamental formless sentient power. In Buddhism the aim and direction is to a fundamental formless ‘emptiness’.

Both systems enable consciousness within the individual psyche to transcend the limitations of the individual psyche. Both therapy and counselling aim at transcendence; in the one case to an immanent centre of transcendence within the individual, in the other transcendence beyond the individual limitations absolutely.

The Eastern approach does not aim to micro-manipulate the deficiencies which one individual experiences and imposes upon others in relations with their world or towards others within that world. Rather the deficiencies are considered as partial modifications or relative states of a whole consciousness, ‘identifications’ within the psyche, with the aim of the counsellor or therapist to assist the client/patient’s consciousness to ‘let go’ of these limiting conditions and return to the source of consciousness, which is consciousness itself. This letting go is as functionally effective in resolving the psyche’s deficiencies as that experienced in the micro-manipulation method of the West, is a genuinely holistic approach to realisation & recovery, and frequently is attained over a reduced time period comparatively.

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