How is it that hamstring muscles (in human anatomy located in the back of the upper leg) are so tight most of the time, for most people, especially men?

What does hamstring muscle contraction do anatomically to the shape of the body?

If the hamstring muscles were immobilised or removed from the leg, what would be the physiological result?

What mechanically happens to pelvic alignment & correspondingly to spinal column alignment when hamstring muscles contract & become shorter?

What opposing (antagonistic) group of muscles to the hamstrings are the main cause of lower back pain, especially for people who sit a lot?

How is it that so many sports people, men & women, experience hamstring strain & rupture in our current era?

If the hamstring muscle is strong & tight & does not strain under load, what other serious leg injury occurs to sports people, an injury which is referred from tight hamstrings?

What is a useful way to stretch a hamstring muscle back out to a longer length, and what technique is essential if the stretch is to be successful and sustained beyond the period of stretching?

Which internal body organ relates intimately to the nerves in the hamstring muscle, and how do we know?

Is there a psychological &/or mental cause of hamstring muscle tightness?

Which internal body system is related to psychological or mental stress, which in turn refers nervous tension terminating in the hamstring muscles?

Is the mental process an egoic problem or is it independent of ego, and within the mind only?

If hamstring tightness is a mental problem (if it is), what process happens in the mind which induces hamstring tightness?

If hamstring pain is an egoic problem (if it is) what is a proof to test this?

If hamstring tightness is (1) psychological, (2) mental or (3) an egoic problem, what would be a precise & direct way to solve the problem, in each case respectively (1, 2 & 3)?

Which muscles in the arms psycho-spiritually relate to the hamstring muscles in the leg?

What are the psycho-spiritual functions of the arms and legs, respectively?


We are one being, totally interrelated. What we do to one aspect influences all other aspects, across & within any one system, vertically between systems (physical, psychological, mental, spiritual), & to the organism as a whole.

Many questions, many possible answers, some answers better than others perhaps, some answers best of all.

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