Q. What do I wear for Yoga?

A. Any modern sporting or dance attire is suitable. Leggings and sports bra or fitted shirt for ladies and for the lads, shorts, running tights or track pants, and a singlet or T-shirt is suitable.

Q. What do I wear for Meditation?

A. We don’t need to change clothes to practice Meditation. We just remove our shoes and sit on a chair, stool or cushion. If you are intending to practice Yoga as well as Meditation, it's good to dress prepared for yoga.

Q. How long before Yoga or Meditation can I eat and drink?

A. Try to avoid eating food less than 3 hrs before you intend to practice. Try to reduce drinking inside 30 minutes before you practice. Food will make you feel sick and impair your performance. If you eat too much food before Meditation you will tend to feel sleepy, so avoid it. Have something later.

Q. Do I need a Yoga mat?

A. Yes you need a proper Yoga mat to practice Yoga. You practice in bare feet and the mat helps to keep your footing. You may already have one but if you don't and you'd like to buy a good one, ask Malcolm. He stocks high quality mats at a fraction of retail price.

Q. Do I need a Meditation stool?

A. A good straight-back chair is adequate for all Meditation beginners. However as you progress, a special piece of furniture like a Zen Meditation stool is very useful for practice. It's a lifetime purchase and you will never practice without it once you start to use it. Alternatively a bolster cushion is also quite practical if you like the Zen style seating position & you can use it for Yoga as well. A Yoga block is helpful for adjusting your stool or cushion. Malcolm stocks all of these items, so ask him when you meet.

Q. I’m new to Yoga & Meditation; how do I start?

A. Malcolm will start you at the beginning. A Private lesson is a perfect place to start for any Beginner. You'll be given personal attention & feedback in every Yoga posture & Meditation exercise you undertake. If you would like to get a real benefit from Yoga and Meditation disciplines it is important to make a commitment and ideally for 3 to 6 months at the outset. Less time than 3 months will not give you any real insight into your capacities and the benefits of the disciplines. But Malcolm's teaching flexible & he is happy to teach one-off sessions at any time.

One lesson per week with Malcolm is the ideal start for a Beginner practitioner, whether it be Yoga, or Meditation, or both.

Q. As a lady, can I practice Yoga when I have my monthly period?

A. Most ladies feel it best to refrain from physical practice, and let go for the first three days of the monthly period. If you wish to take tuition, it's a nice time to try Meditation, if you feel like it, or to just relax. If you do decide to practice Yoga it’s worthwhile to refrain from physical body inversions (postures where the abdomen is above the head) for the few days of duration.


  • Be ready to start practice as soon as Malcolm arrives.
  • Turn off, or put on silent, your mobile phone.
  • Use the toilet before the lesson.
  • When paying cash for classes, please try to have the correct change.
  • Make time to relax a little, 10 or 15 minutes before taking tuition & practicing if you can. Getting off the phone, and out of conversations is important, and just sitting or lying quietly is best of all. Your practice, whether Yoga or Meditation, is a transformational process and with proper preparation you will get optimal results.
  • Clear your mind and be open to new possibilities.
  • Be Happy..!

"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be" - Abraham Lincoln