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Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre – we come to you


In-Person Teaching and Online – Private & Group Consultations – Classical Yoga | Meditation (many styles & types). We offer only the very best professional teaching, knowledge & services – everything essential & the most advanced & effective practices.


At YOUR VENUE. We offer In-Person Teaching at YOUR Venue. We also offer Online Services across the World, direct to you via Skype or an equivalent service. We DO NOT offer practice studio facilities. 

You are able to receive In-Person teaching in the Melbourne metropolitan area in the convenience & privacy of your home, your Yoga or Meditation studio, your gym, an open air group or gathering, your workplace, event location, hotel, conference centre, etc.

You also have the option of internet teaching via Skype, or an equivalent service, to anywhere in the world.


Our clients are everyone –  Busy Professionals and their Workplaces, Sports people, Artists & Performers, Retirees, Yoga and Meditation Course Studios and Facilitators, and much more. Our clients are located anywhere from Melbourne to Singapore, New York to Rome, London to Rio. An equal mix of men & women, and all age ranges, are our demographic. We offer everything from the basics to the deep metaphysics of Yoga, Meditation and the Philosophies which support them, both Eastern and Western. Our clients are consistently those who choose to look a little deeper into the ancient past, and people who are seeking new ideas and new approaches to the old forms and methods.


Malcolm teaches weekday evenings and Weekends in Melbourne.

He also offers client appointments to anywhere in the world via Skype(or an equivalent service), 7 days a week.

Why Us

Our service is for the more serious Yoga &/or Meditation Practitioner who is seeking the best tuition with a truly experienced teacher. Our many clients are those who choose to have the convenience of practicing in their own professional studio, home or workplace, a private venue or unique location, and are seeking a personal, advanced, and consistent experience.

There is absolutely no substitute for taking tuition with a truly experienced teacher.


Please Contact Us to arrange your initial lesson. Please DO NOT contact us if you do not have YOUR OWN VENUE where you can practice, either in person with Malcolm(Melbourne, Australia area), or with Skype or an equivalent service.


If you have been referred to us, or recommended by a client or associate, please let us know. Our network is wide, but we discretely do not offer testimonials, and we rarely advertise.


What is the current fee schedule ? For Yoga or Meditation | Tuition, Courses or Workshops | Individual or Group | Country.

Fees are for IN-PERSON teaching with Malcolm in and around Melbourne, and also ONLINE across the World: Please contact us for a quotation. The fee is always matched to the client, their abilities & needs. Rates vary depending upon the Country, the teaching content required to be delivered, and the day and time of year.