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“There is absolutely no substitute for taking tuition with a truly experienced teacher.”

“By far some of the best Private teaching in Melbourne, or anywhere.”

Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre – we come to you


Private & Group Consultations – Classical Yoga | Meditation (many styles & types). We offer only the very best professional teaching, knowledge & services – everything essential & the most advanced & effective practices. Our fee rates are commensurate with the quality of our service – you receive what you pay for.


At YOUR VENUE. We come to you and teach at your venue. We DO NOT offer practice studio facilities. We operate across Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and travel further on request. The convenience & privacy of your home, studio, workplace, event location, or hotel (for visitors). 


Our clients are Busy Professionals and their Workplaces, Sports people, Artists & Performers, & Retirees. Most of our clients are located in and immediately around the Melbourne CBD & Southbank. An equal mix of men & women, and all age ranges, are our demographic


Clients all day – Client appointments Start from 4.30am and End most days at 10pm. We like to have Sunday off.

Why Us

Our service is for the serious Yoga &/or Meditation Practitioner who is seeking the best tuition with a truly experienced teacher. Our many clients are those who choose to have the convenience & anonymity of practicing in their home or workplace, a private venue, for a personal, advanced, and consistent experience.

There is absolutely no substitute for taking tuition with a truly experienced teacher.


Please Contact Us to arrange your initial consultation, or to seek more information.


If you have been referred to us, or recommended by a client or associate, please let us know. Our network is wide, but we discretely do not offer testimonials, and we rarely advertise.


What is the current fee schedule for Meditation Courses?

Fees for teaching at your venue: Please contact us for a quotation. The fee is always matched to the client, their location, abilities and needs.

Meditation and Yogic Levels of Being

– an excerpt from the teachings of Eugene Halliday

The attainment of perfect freedom is possible for us, but only if we, from the innermost centre of our being, will to co-operate with the divine, spiritual intelligence that is the creator and ruler of the universe in which we live. How are we to find the innermost centre of our being?

Today there is much talk of yogic meditation as a means of attaining deeper consciousness of our spiritual self, but in principle the methods of yoga meditation are not different from the medit­ation procedures of all serious religious persons in all the major religions. “Yoga” means “union” of the human soul with its divine source. “Yoga” and “religion” have really the same meaning.

All meditation procedures follow generally the same course, and differ only in the form of lang­uage used to express them. First there is a with­drawal from the distractions of the outer world’s things and events. Then follows a concentration of the inner consciousness on a chosen subject of meditation. Then follows the meditation process itself, a process in which we examine the inter­connections of all ideas related to the chosen subject. Finally follows the state of contemplat­ion, in which the interrelations of all things and events discovered in the meditational process are held together in a meaningful pattern which allows us to enter into a more efficient level of survival within the great universe of which we are living, dynamic parts. Meditation presents to us in sequence a number of ideas relevant to our chosen subject. Contemplation in a single com­prehensive moment gathers these ideas together in a meaningful pattern, in a flash of insight which simultaneously places every element of our med­itation in proper interrelationship and gives us a power of living adjustment which before our med­itation was not possible for us.

Life is like a jig-saw puzzle, its pieces lying higgledy-piggledy in the box until we sort them out into their various patches of colour and tone and fit them together in their correct order. In their right arrangement we see a whole, meaningful picture, which when the pieces were jumbled randomly together, we could not see. Meditation is like the process of sorting out the bits of the puzzle into their related colours, tones and forms. Contemplation is the whole grasp of all these as the meaningful picture they represent.

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